Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Obligitory Commonwealth Games Entry
Music: Tangled Up In Me - Skye Sweetnam
Mood: Constipated... really...

I haven't got any sleep lately, because I've been watching TV till late at night.... and I got not school tomorrow because my class was given a day off because they're using our class for something... Yayyy~~ I get too sleep in~~ XD! Happy!!! And no homework~~ XD!

So yeah, I've been watching the Games now, and it's not like I have anything other to watch because my mom always watches it. I'm so proud of the Mixed Badminton team, you guys ruled! Ah, snatched the Gold from the England team, they did. I watched the repeat last night and wow, it was kinda intense~

But then, I still heart the Gymnastics event, male ones. Yup. I always have a good laugh when it's the floor event. Seeing quite muscular men prancing around and flipping in the air is so much fun. Oh, that event and weightlifting. They're so strong~ *.* Amazing.....

I still hate man boobs.

MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! Grab some more golds, baybeh! And GO THE LAWNBOWL TEAM!

Clone [*] 4:43 PM Monday, March 20, 2006

Teh School Stress Drama
Music: Save The Last Dance For Me - Michael Buble (my One True Love no. 3)
Mood: Stressed

Yay! I got the highest mark in English in class! Well, me and Frostie did, so, we share the same mark. And the teacher suddenly hunted for me as one of her SPM distinctions candidates. Great.

The SPM results at my school is okay I guess, I don't know, really, but it's slowly increasing, but not Chemistry, I guess, the teacher said it's decreasing or something. Blah, whuteva. But Physics is slowly climbing up. This year's high achiever is a girl who got 14A 1s... Yeah, and so and so.

I am quite... intimidated when my Physics teacher showed the percentage of passes and grades of last year's candidates and the year before. I'm reaaaaallly nervous. Beacuse I'm just scared I'll screw up and fail, not that I'm that smart anyways. It's just average, but quite low for the standards of Science stream students.Nah, I'm just dumb. Another jack-of-all-trades... Not the best at anything, I guess. Oh god, can I really handle working to get 12A 1s? I have no idea now. I'm not really working hard yet, I haven't fully revised last year's stuff and I'm just so fucking scared.

Thinking about it, I'll probably get a C7 or D8 for Add Maths, but hopefully higher (at LEAST a B3) but well, I have to work hard... and at Chemistry too, I like it, I get it, but I can't get high marks. Then, well, I'm not sure what subjects will I get A 1s......

I'm so stressed out right now. Before I sort this out, I just need time to sort myself up. I've been playing too much and I feel guilty. The sign of once a goody-two-shoes.

After I log off, I'll just do some notes while listening to the manly voices of Il Divo.

Clone [*] 4:35 PM Saturday, March 18, 2006

You've Got To Wonder Sometimes
Music: Ame no Hi wa No Thank You - Michiko Neya & Tooru Ohkawa
Mood: Hyper groovyness

Sometimes, you really have to wonder why people stare at you. That's been happening to me for quite some time actualy, I just wonder why they stare. I know it's not because something called "beauty" because it's something that I clearly don't have.

Or is it because I secretly have become a porn star and videos of me secretly taken in the loo have been spread on the internet and inside handphones?

Okay, that's a far shot but there's a possibility you know.

It's quite alarming how that big issue among Malaysians nowadays. And it's just so disgusting to find out how cheap some of these girls are and let themselves get recorded or photographed. Like they could do sexual acts in the first place. Stupid Malay girls. STUPID, I SAY. CHEAP WHORES. Don't you have any dignity at all? When you found out that pictures and videos of your boobs and body have been spread around, then will you regret it? Will you regret it when you're pregnant and the guy won't marry you or be responsible? Don't, because it's far too late. Ooh, I'm ranting about this, great! And you won't forget it either, because it's gonna haunt you and make you feel guiilllttyyyyy~~~~ And you're making us other Malay girls sound bad, like we're bunch of horny rabbits or something.

Tolonglah, dah belajar kat sekolah pasal dosanya benda ni dalam PI, takkan lah nak jugak buat. Ingatlah akhirat tu sikit, jangan nak ingat pasal happy ke tak. Otak ada tolong lah guna, okay?

I'm not saying that I'm better than them, wait, I am actually, haha. So, forget that. It's better to stay home and watch TV than having sex while recorded and be ashamed for your whole life.

So back to the staring issue. So, I think because they think, "Goodness that girl looks like a bloke!". Yeah. I know it's true, or maybe they have nowhere to look at, because I stare at people too, so, I have solved this mater by myself. I always do that. It's bothers me really...

So, if this happens to you, stare back. It's fun. Maybe you'll fall in love or something.

Clone [*] 7:14 PM Wednesday, March 15, 2006

... And I Go Away Now...
Music: Utada Hikaru - Passion ~after battle version~ (KHII)
Mood: Teh tummy achiness

This goes to Yume-chan, who helped me upload credit to my beloved Internet account, who was used up by my dad (T_T).

Well, seems that I have lost against my will not to get sick, but I did, a couple days ago. A fever. Heh. And I still have a blocked left nostril from the excessive snot. Life is not good.

I was gonna go to sleep although Tuesday TV=WWE but my mom won't lt me watch but then my dad comes up with teh new DVDs. So we watched Fun With Dick and Jane. It was quite funny.... and we laughed, and laughed, and laughed.... Until it was over. Poor little doggie. That collar must've hurt.

Then my mom went to sleep seeing it was already 1am. Then my dad whips out more new DVDs, honestly, it was seeing DVDs coming out like it popped out of thin air! Outrageous! Amazing! (wrong word... hoho). Then he tested them, to see the picture quality, and well well well, let's see what the last DVD is.... dun dun dun... IT'S BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN! CLEAR! Not the dark crap I watched. And seeing it's a gay movie, my dad watched it late at night. I went inside my room just before Jack arrived in his truck.

And inside my room, I was squeeing. Oh, not loudly tho' since the joined bathroom doors in my room had been taken out since we're renovating it (my privacy~~) Okay, back to the story, so, the TV is right next to my wall, the side where my bed is.... and I couldn't sleep because I was listening to the movie. And I heard the almighty *beep* scene, I was rolling on my bed going "Oh no, dad, you're gonna see it, not the dark crap I saw, but you're gonna see what JACK TWIST DID WITH ENNIS IN THAT TENT! 'O MY GOODNESS!"

But then, this is my dad.... he's seen more movies and more things than I already did, right. Yeah.

And so, for the remainder of the week, I am going to Johor, with my mom and just hangin' around the hotel with my cousin probably, doing homework. I want Internet access.... T_T

In other news, it seems that Austin St John, the former actor of the red Power Rangers is now a gay porn actor. Thank you. There goes my chilhood, burned bad.


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Awww.... *turns into a puddle of goo* Credit goes to noway_icons at LJ!

Clone [*] 12:43 PM Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Beauty That is Brokeback
I posted this on a forum and I just feel like posting it here:

Oh, here's the thread, if you want to read it LINK OF BBM THEREAD ON CF

On to my comment:

Heh, how did I miss this thread, what I am going to say is quite long after reading all the posts...

I watched the movie... quite some time ago but I just watched it again today... It's a great story, and not because it's about two guys doing it with each other, one of them is because I've been a fan of Jake since, like, ... can't remember, and because it is quite a good source to study about the mechanism of desire, lust, and need in the human life. And I suppose about love, too and how love can overlook one's gender.

I found it to be a "beautiful" story. Why? Although it seems really rough from the outside (really rough actually), it's quite delicate once you've understand the flow and the small messages in between the words and the scenes. We're talking about two rough men here, two rough "Malboro" guys, and with them being cowboys just screams "We're real men!", and I get it why the writer of the story chose cowboys for her story. It kinda shows that even the manliest of men cannot fight the force of love, even if it is being in love with someone who's the same gender as them. See what Ang Lee is talking about? He said he made a love story, not some movie about two cowboys buggering each other. If you see beneath the facade of the story, I guess you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Then, the characters, I love both Jack and Ennis, and I understand the "accident" that hapened between them that led them where they are is just about them being desperate men, who're stuck with each other for a period of time and just had to "get off". This accident led them to... love? I'm out of things to say about the movie. And I don't even know what I'm talking about...

In other words, I love it, and you should see despite your sexual preferance. It's a great movie. Sad it didn't bag the Oscar of best movie tho'.

Now, about people being gay...

I agree with Vatinacoel, but I don't encourage ppl to be gay. There's something that the society has not seen which is it's just classification of preferances, if you look at it, both being straight and gay have their own drawbacks and benefits.

And being gay is a choice, not how appealing you find gay sex. It's also some sort of a lifestyle, it's just like being a vegan, or an animal lover, of a nature lover (the extreme ones)

I'm taking a quote from one of my fav fanfictions:

"Being gay is the result of social conditioning, it's a set of characteristics defined by society to account for a biological condition, and the degree to which people feel able to follow this is the ... well, it's how gay they are. With me?"
Snitch! by Al (Harry/Draco)

And also, if you actually read the papers some time, it is discovered someone being gay is some kind of biological result when you're still in the womb, I can't recall the actual words but I remembered it being the mother having too many set of one hormone and it is sorta passed down to the child when it is in the womb.

You don't have to be gay to support gay rights... That's just... stupid actually. As in to convert from being straight to being gay just because you don't mind it....

This is the end of my rant. Yeah. But let me just tell you, I don't encourage them to be one. I get it if it's love, I can't help it if it happens but I'd hate it if you changed because of the sex only. To get gay people is just about understanding really...

And all this is from an observation by a 17-year old Malay girl. Be older and you can get more... Haha...

Clone [*] 7:07 PM Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Go Go Away Ganguro Hentai
Music: Ai Otsuka - Planetarium (Hana Yori Dango ED)
Mood: Traumatized

I am going to stay clear or hentai for a while bacause of that stupid game, Ganguro Girls. I. AM. SO. TRAUMATIZED. Eww. Ewwwwwwww. Ewwwwiiiiiwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeee~~~ XP Sure it was fun at the beginning, but the ending... ? *dies* But if there's someone reading this who wants the cheats and answers, I have em, but not complete. Take it... and... have fun?

I have finished me story! It's a 3 page one... about a guy who wanted to kill himself because he couldn't stand being alone coz his girlfriend died sacrificing herself for him, but stopped by his old friend who he thought was his girlfriend's secret lover or something and actually not and they talked and stuff... I'm not making any sense eh? Oh well, at least I tried. It's pretty hard to write y'know.

I haven't eaten since morning and it's.... 6.36 pm whe I'm typing this. Oh, the hunger! I can't stand eating more cup/instant noodles. I need real food, foo!

Yeah... Random avatar of teh dayy!!!

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Teh ANGST!HARRY~~ He's all capslock-y.... LOVE!

Clone [*] 6:48 PM Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oscars Woe
Music: Kimura Kaela - Twinkle (Love For NANA Tribute)
Mood: Mixed

Yume-chan>> Mou, maybe... I'm too scared! Kyaaahhh! I haven't started yet, I need to clean my room first then tanam the pokok lah~~ Sankyu, na~~ <3 n.n

Why oh why didn't Brokeback Mountain win? WHY?? Izzit coz America don't want cowboys to be gay? Or was it beause Crash was a better movie? Goodness... T-T...

So, I was watching the Oscars with my mum, like always. It's so hard watching it this year because on the pre-show, I was trying so hard to surpress myself from squeeing without dignity when they interviewed Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake! My loveee...) and I know if I squeed, my mom will give me "the-glare-o'-death"... or pester me with questions, "Did you watch the gay movie???".... No comment. I was also trying so hard when clip from the movie was played or when they focused on the BbM cast. I just sort of went rigid and laughed weakly.

I heart Jon Stewart, the joke about the Hollywood women who "can't afford cloth to cover their breasts" because the pirates were stealing from them killed me and my mom. It's actually true eh? Look at poor Mariah Carey, the woman clearly have been robbed from her, coz she never wore something that's... warm. Yes. Poor Mariah, always in the cold and such. HA!

I still haven't uploaded pictures from the "surprise party" my friends threw me at my own house (whatt--? -_-).. maybe later coz my bro stole the camera... probably to take pictures of his wall full of footie posters.

My stomach hurts... and I've been making trips to the toilet since 4am.... which is why I didn't go to school today.

After this I'm gonna write a story for the school yearbook, or just another fanfiction. I don't know why but whenever I write, it's always based on the Potter universe... and err... hints of H/D.... I did that already, recently... for my english essay. Mwaha. I just hope the teacher can't really pick it up, the H/D that is, because the Potter reference is quite clear with the use of HBP storyline and the use of the killing curse. No real name from the book waS taken, but y'know...

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